Crime Stoppers International, in collaboration with Crime Stoppers Australia, is pleased to announce its 40th Annual Conference, “Cybercrime – Partnerships to mitigate cyber threats”.

The Conference will be held on 14 – 16 October 2019, at the Hilton Singapore, Singapore.

Following on from the 39th edition that was held in The Hague, the main objectives of this 40th Annual Conference will be:

  • Greater understanding of cyber threats/trends and links to organised crime, to determine a clear role for Crime Stoppers in this space
  • The formal launch of CSI’s expansion and brand awareness in Asia
  • A forum which will be the catalyst for regional co-operation and dialogue (public & private)
  • The creation and solidification of partnerships
  • High level professional development for Crime Stoppers delegates

We look forward to seeing you in Singapore in October 2019!

President, Crime Stoppers International
Sharon Hanlon

Chair, Conference Committee
Devrol Dupigny



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