Go wild

Some zoos let people visit at night.  In Singapore, there’s a zoo that is only open when the sun goes down!  The world’s first nocturnal...
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Business card etiquette

Present your business card with both hands and exchange during initial introduction. A slight bow of the head is courteous, while a deeper bow is entirely optional. 

Announcing … Donia Hammani

Donia Hammami’s reputation precedes her and, as a highly sought after international speaker and moderator, we’re delighted that she will take on the role of moderator for the roundtable session, Money Laundering...
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INTERPOL to the rescue

James Tan leads Strategy and Capacity Development for INTERPOL’s Global Cybercrime Programme and, in looking to protect communities for a safer world, he provides strategic guidance and operational delivery to...
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Blockchain & digital currency guru

Marina Khaustova is the CEO of Crystal, Bitfury’s investigative analytics tool for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, so we’re incredibly fortunate to have secured her to lead the workshop, Unblocking the Blockchain. Participants will learn of the advantages of blockchain...
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