About Us


Crime Stoppers International is the global authority on anonymous reporting. It is an international nonprofit organization representing seven regions committed to support law enforcement efforts to prevent and solve crime by mobilizing citizens to anonymously report illegal activity. Comprised of local Crime Stoppers programs in 26 countries, we oversee a sophisticated network for citizens to report crime anonymously. Our partners include law enforcement, the media, public and nonprofit organizations and international companies committed in the fight against crime.

As the global authority on anonymous reporting, our principal areas of focus are transnational crime and criminal activity linked to illicit trade, human trafficking, environmental and wildlife crime, cybercrime and international fugitives.

Our work includes:

  • Contributing to the management and sharing of information on transnational crime.
  • Facilitating cooperation among stakeholders such as international agencies, business, law enforcement and the media.
  • Enhancing the capacity of law enforcement and media on topics of organized and transnational crime.